Window air conditioning units are a popular and convenient way to cool homes, apartments, offices, and RVs. These units use a refrigerant, like freon, to create cool air. While freon is typically contained within a sealed system, leaks can develop over time, and the unit may need to be recharged. In this article, we’ll review how to add freon to your window air conditioner to keep your space cool and comfortable.

Step 1: Check Your Air Conditioning Unit

Before you begin, it is essential to check the freon in your air conditioner and determine if your unit needs freon. Start by checking to see if the air blowing out of the team is bloodless enough. If it feels like it isn’t always cooling the way it used to, maintain a thermometer up to the unit while running. Wait a few minutes for the thermometer to modify, then report the temperature. Next, look at the temperature of the air being pulled into the unit. Hold the thermometer to the front consumption for a few minutes and report this temperature.

Step 2: Calculate the Temperature Difference

Calculate the difference between the two temperatures. If the distinction exceeds 20 degrees, the air conditioner possibly wants cleaning. If it is decreased than 15, then it most possibly wishes freon.

Step 3: Remove the Air Conditioning Unit

Nếu thiết bị của bạn cần freon, hãy tháo thiết bị điều hòa không khí ra khỏi cửa sổ để bạn có thể sửa chữa. Tháo bảng điều khiển trên thiết bị bằng tuốc nơ vít và xác định vị trí hai đường dẫn đến máy nén.

Step 4: Attach the Tap Valve

Chọn dòng lớn hơn trong hai dòng. Đây là ống mà bạn sẽ cần thêm freon vào. Gắn van vòi vào đường dây bằng cách làm theo hướng dẫn đi kèm với van.

Step 5: Connect the meter

Check the gauges to ensure they’re off, then attach the blue hose and mixed meter to the valve you just attached.

Step 6: Turn on the air conditioner and open the Freon valve

Turn the air conditioner on “High” for a few minutes, then connect the yellow hose to the freon tank. Open the freon valve. Loosen the yellow tube at the gauge for just one second, then tighten it again. This will release air from the line.

Step 7: Charge the device

Open the valves on the gauge to start the freon flow. Watch the meter and charge the device until it reaches 70 psi. Turn off the gauges and freon, then remove the tubes. Remember to close the new valve when you remove the blue line from the compressor hose where you installed the valve.

Final Thoughts

Adding freon to your window air conditioner can be an easy technique that can keep you from having to substitute the unit. By following these steps and using suitable tools, you can recharge your air conditioning unit and hold your home, office, or RV cool and cozy throughout these warm summer months. Remember to usually take security precautions and seek advice from an expert if you are no longer comfy finishing this venture on your own.

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