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Midea MPG-08CRN1-BH9 Portable Air Conditioner Review

Midea MPG-08CRN1-BH9 portable air conditioner has a cooling power of 8000 BTUs that ideally cools an area up to 350 square feet.

8,000 BTUs
250 Sq.Ft.
8.30 EER
46 Ptd
53 dBA
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MPG-08CRN1-BH9 Rankings, Ratings and Reviews

Here are the rankings for Midea MPG-08CRN1-BH9 Portable Air Conditioner:

  • By Type (Air Conditioners): 52/162
  • By Subtype (Portable Air Conditioners): 16/69
  • By Manufacturer (Midea): 5/8


MPG-08CRN1-BH9 Ratings Summary Table
Pros Rating
N: 0
Ext. Users Rating
N: 46
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N: 0
Weighted Average
N: 46


Ratings and Reviews By External Resources

Reviewer Source Rating N Updated
HomeDepot.com HomeDepot.com 4 24 06/03/2013
Buzzillions.com Buzzillions.com 3.5 22 06/03/2013


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Product Info

Midea MPG-08CRN1-BH9 Portable Air Conditioner

Midea MPG-08CRN1-BH9 Portable Air Conditioner

Midea 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner features fluent and slim Industry Design, eco-friendly refrigerant R410A, a quiet bucketless evaporation system. No installation required, convenient full function temperature sensing remote control, ionizer function for healthier air environment, 3 speed cool/fan with oscillating air louvers, advanced Bio Filter air filtration system eliminates dust, fungi, Electronic soft touch control panel with digital readout, 24 hr. timer function, single hose exhaust kit included, 4 casters for easy room to room movement, auto restart, Warranty 1 yr. parts/labor - 5 yr. sealed systems - in-home product service.



MPG-08CRN1-BH9 can operate in air conditioner mode and as fan also. With its 8000 BTU cooling power, you should have no problem to cool up medium sized rooms up to 250 square feet. The energy efficiency ratio of 8.3 is positioning this Midea MPG-08CRN1-BH9 portable air conditioner in the top range of the portable air conditioners category, according to these criteria. We couldn't get the air flow volume data for this air conditioner on the manufacturer's website in the time of reviewing this model. Noise is another important factor to watch when deciding among different models to buy. Maximum noise level of MPG-08CRN1-BH9 is 53 dBA, which is not the quietest unit you can get. Its portability with no need for permanent installation will make you happy in the installation process.


Selected Features:

  • Energy Star Rating
  • 8000 BTU Cool Only
  • Full functioning remote Control,
  • Lift Out washable Anti-bacterial filte


More Information:

  • Official Website: N/A
  • Specification: N/A
  • Use/Care: N/A

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